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SEAGRASS BASKETS & Coconut Bowls ~ an end to plastic

Sustainable, eco-friendly, reusable, natural handmade products. Designed to replace the use of plastics.

I have a deep concern, connection and thriving passion to the environment & our oceans and how the food we eat and the products we use relate to their wellbeing. Through my keen interest & research I developed an informed empathy for our planet, as a whole, and have realised the sheer importance of sustainability.

Increasingly I see more and more waste polluting & damaging our oceans & our environment and so it is imperative we make a change today before it is too late. I believe I have some innovative products that will be a huge success in reducing and completely eradicating the dreaded problem of plastic pollution.






Providing you with coconut bowls, coconut spoons, RATTAN TRAY and anything else you could possibly think of to replace plastic and paper packaging. Created by Little Cove Living. Our products are 100% eco-friendly & organic, completely natural and handmade with love & care.


These products aim to reduce plastic usage, thus preventing plastics entering and polluting our oceans. We aim to provide 'real food & drink' with the 'real packaging' it so rightfully deserves, whilst being beneficial to our environment. The businesses that use our products benefit from offering a useful new creation that appeals to conscientious consumers and separates them in a competitive market landscape. 

SEAGRASS BASKETS & coconut bowls are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic products and avoid the single use nature of paper products, and all the associated dyes and glues. We aim to do this by grabbing the attention of the bigger companies & bigger names so that we can fulfil orders to a larger scale. We can only do that with your support, your backing, and your help. 

We have a vision, a vision that sees us living in a world with no plastic. We want to make the use of seagrass products and coconut bowls a global phenomenon and so popular that they end up replacing plastic products entirely. 

We believe our products will bring a novel twist to reducing pollution whilst increasing public awareness of this critical issue.

I very sincerely hope this idea appeals to you and that you join us in our fight to combat the use of plastic and save our planet.

Risks and challenges

The only risks and challenges associated with our products, that we would be facing, are the fact that they are a natural product, created solely by what nature has to offer.

We check our products over twice before shipping and coat the bowls in a layer of pure virgin coconut oil to prevent any cracks.